Brand Concept Specification


Either for a new travel product that targets the end-travellers or a new B2B service that comes to provide a solution for global Hoteliers, Destsetters plans and strategically develops new dynamic Product Concepts. In close collaboration with the brand’s owners or directors, the Destsetters experts study the features and characteristics of the new product or service, and specify the most original and dynamic Concept that would make it stand out and become a case study for its industry.


What we do:

  • Examine and evaluate the current competition with similar products or services.

  • Study the desired target groups and determine whether the provided features will satisfy the audience.

  • Conduct the Concept Manual, which documents all those details and characteristics that will make the new product stand out and become a 'case-study’ example.

  • Work closely with all other parties involved in the project (depending on each case, third-party collaborates may include architects, interior designers, software designers, photographers, graphic designers etc) and make sure that the results of their work will be in line with the specified concept.

  • Plan and make an initial set-up of the product’s online positioning and branding (supervising the website design and development, social media accounts set-up, media platforms presence etc).

  • Determine the initial online and offline strategy that need to be followed, in order for the new product to penetrate the desired market more easily and effectively.








Rhodes Island, Greece | June 2018 — May 2019

For this project, Destsetters works with Stirixis S.A., one of Rhodes’ most well-established construction companies. The project is about the re-operation of one of the city’s most iconic spots, the municipal gardens, just outside the Medieval City walls. 

Since the 1960s, and for approximately 50 years, the municipal gardens had been operating as a 'Sound & Light' spectacle, attracting thousands of spectators from all over the world. Since 2006 the park has remained unused, with plans to open again in May 2019. 

The new concept for this project talks about a public Garden in the city centre, with several recreational and entertainment possibilities. Local flowers, trees and herbs will guide the visitors through a fun garden full of activities for children and relaxing spots for adults, while the different F&B outlets will be offering quality options for food & drink. Last but not least, the traditional 'Sound & Light' spectacle revives, through an impressive 3D mapping projection on the walls of the medieval Palace of Knights.

For this project, Destsetters is in charge of:

  • General Concept Manual development

  • Individual Concept Manual development for each individual business or activity

  • Supervision of all third party collaborators (landscape architects, lighting architects, interior designers, graphic designers etc)

  • Strategic specification of the general as well as the individual websites that will be developed

  • Specification and supervision of the garden’s photo shoot

  • Development of the main presentation video’s storyline

  • Initial set-up and supervision of the Garden’s entire online presence and communication

Athens, Greece | July - December 2018

TRU Catering is an emerging catering businesses in Athens, Greece. The overall relation of catering with hospitality, has allowed Destsetters to collaborate with TRU, in order to develop a new Concept that would make the business stand out from the current competition and become a unique reference point for the industry.

Our work for TRU concentrates on highlighting the quality supremacy of the business through its authentic and real Greek culture and inspiration. Enhancing the brand’s 360º activities (all event types, International cuisines etc), Destsetters gives a strong emphasis on all those characteristics that make TRU a truly unique and high-end service. 

For this project, Destsetters is in charge of:

  • General Concept Manual development

  • Supervision of all third party collaborators (table designers, graphic designers, chefs etc)

  • Strategic specification of the brand’s main website

  • Specification and supervision of the brand’s photo shoot

  • Initial set-up and supervision of the brand’s entire online presence and communication

Photo Credits: TRU Catering