In close collaboration with already established or new companies, Destsetters develops an ongoing strategy that ensures the constant growth and evolvement of the brand. Our job here is to develop the full strategy of the brand with day-by-day actions in all levels, during a 12-month period.


What we do:

  • Product Strategy development, which includes the close study of the company’s activities and the determination of all the necessary steps and actions that need to be followed.

  • Campaign Channels evaluation, which includes a detailed documentation of all the available communication channels that we will use in our strategy.

  • Content Strategy development, which includes a full, 12-month content production that is distributed through the various Campaign Channels that have already been selected.

  • Campaigning, which refers to the specific and targeted campaign actions that the brand need to follow, in order to increase its positioning and revenue.





Athens, Greece | January 2014 — ongoing

100% Hotel Show is the leading fair for Hoteliers in Greece and the Mediterranean. Destsetters began working with the fair’s organizing company even before the show’s first edition, back in February 2014. Following a very specific strategy, 100% Hotel Show has managed to stand out as an exclusive and high-end fair since its first edition, and is now considered a 'must-visit' event for all Greek Hoteliers, as well as hospitality professionals from neighboring countries, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

For this project, Destsetters is in charge of:

  • The initial Concept Development and the constant concept evolution, year after year.

  • The development of the online and communication strategy of the fair, that manages to increase the event’s reputation and positioning within the market.

  • The evaluation of new collaborations and partnerships.

  • The supervision of the individual concepts for each year’s edition.

  • The development and distribution of market-specific content throughout the year.

  • The strategic specification, graphic design and web development of the brand’s official website (

Photo Credits: 100% Hotel Show