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Blending the old and the new, in the most fashionable & stylish way

Blending the old and the new, in the most fashionable & stylish way

The beautiful classical Venetian Villa housing the impressive Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amista, is the setting for a truly unique hotel experience. Focusing on the concept of 'art', regardless of age and time, Byblos Art presents a unique selection of masterpieces as well as a state-of-the-art concept.  

The hotel boasts for holding the largest collection of Contemporary Art Pieces presented within a hotel. But the most fascinating part, is that the architects and designers of the hotel have managed not only to harmonically blend the 'old' and the 'new', but ensure that both styles are equally shown and highlighted.

Byblos Art loves changes: In addition to each hotel room having its own style, decoration and color palette, the hotel literally changes very often, giving you a completely different experience every time you visit! The various sections of the hotel, such as the stunning 'Atelier' restaurant or the beautiful Espace Spa, add more to your experience, emphasizing on the distinctive characteristics of the property. 

Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amista is a perfect example of a hotel that takes the legacy of its XVI century building and successfully adjusting it to the 21st century, in a creative and innovative way. It is a hotel which has managed to use the glory of the past for moving on to the future, creating new experiences and writing new history!


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Nikos Morantis
Written by: Nikos Morantis Tourism Strategy Specialist , Destsetters

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