Informing & Educating the global Tourism & Hospitality markets


An online, educational source of knowledge, that provides tips, advice and inspiration to hoteliers, as well as promotional opportunities for Hotels, tourism-related companies and companies that want to reach the global hotel market



  • Two versions: one International and one dedicated to the Greek market

  • Allows Hotels to be presented in the most advanced B2B platform for Hoteliers and Travel Agents, introducing them in the global market from a professional point of view

  • Hotel Case Studies: Inspirational articles presenting hotels from all over the world, focusing on the special features and elements that make them stand out

  • Hotel Stories: Fascinating Hotels from all over the world, that tell their stories through the eyes of the people that know them better than anyone else: their employees

  • Hotelier Tips: Educational articles giving useful tips, valuable advice and presenting new tools and products that can improve a hotel’s operation and sales


How does it work?

Hotelier Academy, is a B2B Media for Hotelier & Travel Agents with advanced content giving to its audience the opportunity to:

  • Read inspiring case studies and hotel stories, helping from one hand the travel agents to discover new hotels to add in their portfolio and on the other hand the hoteliers to get ideas about how to develop their own hotel

  • Access advanced hotelier tips that help hoteliers to improve their sales & marketing strategy and stay updated with the best hospitality practices

  • Follow online courses about Hotel Marketing, Sales, Operation and Gastronomy, receiving certifications for their CV

Which Hotelier Needs does it cover?

With the evolution of the Hotelier Market being fast and continuous, modern hoteliers face a serious lack of time for studying the new methods and tactics. Hotelier Academy simplifies the information and provides its members with high quality content and tips, that will help them enrich their knowledge and easily get informed about what’s new in the hotelier industry. 

The main Hotelier needs it Covers are:

  • Continuous Information about the Best practices to improve their hotel product & strategy.

  • B2B promotion to Travel Agents who are looking new hotels to add in their portfolio through high level content creation and distribution.

  • Relation Building with other hoteliers creating strategic partnership and new clientele development.


What is the Innovation?

The innovation of Hotelier Academy, is that it has managed to convert the role of a classic media website, into a modern digital knowledge source, that translates news and information into useful, strategic hotelier tips, which are at the disposal of all hotel professionals who are following the platform. Also, Hotelier Academy focuses on "educational and training" services for the hotelier industry, filling an important market gap.

Why do Travel Agents love it?

Travel Agents are excited with Hotelier Academy, as it provides them with interesting information and material for Hotels that really worth to be included in their portfolio and satisfy their clients. The professional and innovative way the hotels are presented in Hotelier Academy, focus on the competitive advantage of the hotels, giving to Travel Agents, ideas that help their own work, and of course a great opportunity to hoteliers to develop new deals


What is the Business model with the Hotels?



Hotel Industry Professionals can access Hotelier Academy finding useful Hotelier Tips and Inspiring Examples of the best Practises. Moreover, in collaboration with talented hotel experts, it presents, high quality Online Training Presentations that can be used so as to increase your skills and knowledge.


Hoteliers can promote their property to Travel Agents and Hospitality Professionals through Hotel Stories that present the hotels from the side of the Hotelier, highlighting its competitive advantages. The Hotel Experts of Hotelier Academy make research and choose the most interesting hotel concepts, ideas or tactics promoting them totally for Free as Case Studies ensuring for them great promotional to the global hospitality industry.


Hotelier Academy organizes personalized events in the hotel grounds, where, according to the property needs, an advanced training to the hotel’s various departments is provided and valuable, one-off personalized consulting tips are given to the hotel management. 


Who are its competitors?


The main competitors of Hotelier Academy are big Tourism Oriented Websites. Most of them, however, focus on providing the information in the form of "news", while Hotelier Academy concentrates on consulting and training topics, becoming a one-of-a-kind project in the global industry.



As a strong, influential source for the hotelier industry, Hotelier Academy presents a great advertising potential for companies that want to target hoteliers, for promoting their products and services. Also, Hotel suppliers can use the Hotelier Academy to build campaigns or boost new manuals for their companies.

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