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Cellar 14

CELLAR 14 is an upgraded, luxury accommodation option in the traditional village of Lefkara, near Larnaca Cyprus, that is inspired by the island’s rich cultural & gastronomic background.

What we did for this project

  • Typology study

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

  • Branding & Implementation

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Lefkara, Cyprus

Year of Operation


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Hotel Synopsis

The below text is a full description of the under development property, giving all the details regarding the hotel's story, concept, operation, and experiences, that will provide to its guests.

CELLAR 14 is an upgraded, luxury accommodation option in the traditional village of Lefkara, near Larnaca Cyprus, that is inspired by the island’s rich cultural & gastronomic background. The hotel’s Concept brings together the local architecture of a 19th-century house, the world-known varieties of Cypriot Wine, the multi-cultural character of local Cuisine, and the modern approach of Leonardo Da Vinci’s art, who, according to legend, visited the island and purchased a piece of the renowned Lefkara Lace, creating a set of unique and memorable experiences for all guests.

The hotel comprises four Rooms and Suites, that are developed around a central, inner courtyard. The Rooms feature spacious indoor spaces, with fully-equipped bathrooms and a dedicated Food Corner, with a local-products mini-bar, as well as a mini wine cellar with all the relevant equipment (wine opener, glasses, etc). The Suites offer even more spacious areas with Sofa Beds that are able to host an additional guest, while their exterior spaces feature upgraded private facilities, such as Hot Tubs, private balconies, and outdoor fireplaces, that elevate the experience even more. Due to its small size, the property can be rented as a whole to large groups of friends or families, that look for a spacious villa to host their event, party, or family reunion.

All the hotel’s premises, private and common-use, are decorated with a contemporary approach of Leonardo’s Renaissance art, as well as a modern rendition of the world-famous Lefkara Lace. These distinctive pieces of art manage to create a fascinating contrast with the building’s traditional design & architecture, a fact that is further enhanced by the extended use of modern technology throughout the property.

CELLAR 14 gives great emphasis on Food & Wine, which resembles all the stages of a guest’s stay. Even though the hotel does not host a restaurant, its legendary breakfast, served daily on the guests’ balconies, provides a full view of the richness of Cypriot cuisine. Moreover, sumptuous platters with local cheese, cold cuts, and fruits are also available for the guests, that can order them in their rooms to accompany their preferred wine. The hotel’s gastronomy experience is completed via the rooms’ mini-bars and mini-cellars, that offer selected local products and wines, from small producers from all around the island.

The hotel’s inner courtyard is transformed into a lush garden, with comfortable and alternative seating options, such as hammocks and daybeds. At the same time, the small water pool and fountain give an additional note of wellness, allowing the guests to fully relax under the bright Cypriot skies.

Last but not least, the Wine Shop at the hotel’s entrance offers a wide selection of local wines, as well as the possibility for mini Wine Tasting sessions, both to staying and non-staying guests.

Hotel Typology

The first stage of our Services, which includes the Research & the Typology Study, helped the Hotel Owners take their final decisions regarding the hotel's Typology (type of property, room types, grounds, etc) and its main Features and Facilities, aiming to increase the hotel's ADR as well as its sales potentials from its various departments and services.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Hotel Grounds

The Wine Shop
The Reception Foyer
The Relaxation Courtyard

Room Types

Garden Room with Courtyard Access
Garden Suite with Hot Tub
House Suite with Private Veranda & Hot Tub
House Suite with Private Terrace & Hot Tub

Hotel Concept Development

During the Hotel Concept Development process, we specified the main idea and the narrative of the new hotel, which will allow it to stand out from the competition. At the same time, we specified all the new hotel's experiences, services, and operation model, in order to help the architectural and design teams to capture all the requirements for its final design.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Contemporary Accommodation meets Wine & Arts at a Traditional Village in Cyprus.

Sources of Inspiration

The intensely picturesque character of the village of Lefkara in modern times
Leonardo da Vinci's relationship with the village and the famous Lefkarite embroidery
The high quality of Cypriot wine
The authentic local gastronomy, without 'modern international touches'
The simplistic and honest character of Cypriot hospitality

Signature Experiences

In-Room Wine Tasting Sessions
Garden Breakfast
Wine & Cheese Movie Nights
Wine Events

Hotel Branding & Implementation

In order to have a fuller image of the Concept, we have created an initial branding for the new hotel that captures its feel and essence, and which must be taken into account during the design process. At the same time, we presented a series of indicative applications and implementations of the branding, in order to convey in a more tangible way the feeling that will be exuded during the hotel's visual communication.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Name Description

The hotel's name is inspired by the term Cellar, which refers directly to the theme of wine and wine-making. On the other hand, the number 14 is the address of the hotel, which connects the name with the location and the historicity of the building. As a whole, the name CELLAR 14 exudes a modern character, although it includes the word Cellar which refers to something more traditional and old. In this way, we have managed to achieve a permanent connection of the past with the future - something that the hotel owners wish to create at all stages of the guest experience.

Logo Description

For the visual design of the logo, the main element of inspiration was the hotel concept itself, that has to do with wine, as well as the architectural element of the arch, found within the building. On the right side of the design, we have a combined form of a wine bottle and a corkscrew. Half of the arch accompanies this form, thus expressing the leading role of wine in all the experiences offered by CELLAR 14. The dominant color is deep red (the color of wine), which brings a more 'traditional' feeling. At the same time, the whole composition has a modern aesthetic, just like it will happen inside the hotel.

Implementation Examples

Project Partners

For the completion of the project, Destsetters collaborates with the Architectural and Design teams, in the context of the thorough application of the concept to the overall experience, the correct specification of the anticipated operational needs, and the new hotel's commercial potentials. The Architectural & Design teams are selected by the investors/project owners and play an active part in the overall decisions regarding the development of the new property.


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