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Destination Investment Research

Locate the destination of your new hotel investment, based on thorough research that records all the relevant development prospects.


"Hotel Market is growing fastly, and a favorable plot is not enough to assure the success of a new hotel. What is needed is detailed research of the existing Demand and Offer as well as an updated recording of the latest trends of the Global Tourism Market."

The Destination Investment Research is our new service for new entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in the Hotel Market. It is one of the most useful seFrvices of Destsetters for a future hotelier, as it directly addresses the business profitability at all levels. An extensive report including research and optimization services, that helps them to make the right decision in relation to the destination and the plot on which the new hotel will be developed. This service does not replace the role of Real Estate Agents but works in addition to their specialty by analyzing hotel data.

Beginning with thorough research on supply and demand in the region or country of interest, Destsetters highlights the investment opportunities that exist in the particular area and combines the wishes of investors, to result in a shortlist with the final destinations.

Following the above process, Destsetters analyzes the most important hotel commercial features of each destination and compares their prospects, so that the owner selects the one that presents the most favorable features and fits the profile of the investment.

At the last step, after the destination is decided and the most prevalent plots are specified, the Destsetters team participates in the final evaluation of plots as well as the further development of the project.

Our Procedure

  1. We obtain the necessary information regarding the owners (professional occupation, hotel experience, vision and desires, etc.), in order to determine their profile and their vision and to select the best possible destination.

  2. We examine the online travel searches regarding the selected destinations, in order to identify the features with the highest demand and to give the appropriate directions regarding the final choice of the destination of the investment.

  3. We record the most trending destinations based on research by comparing their key elements in terms of hotel supply and demand, but also in terms of available properties/plots for exploitation.

  4. We study the existing competition in each area, in order to decide the most adequate type of hotel and identify the comparative advantages that will make it stand out from the competition.

  5. We list the available plots through popular real estate sales channels so that the relevant perspectives are better understood and we research the most prevalent plots, giving written feedback on the prospects and participation.

  6. Once the owner has selected the plot, Destsetters delivers a series of steps to be followed in order to launch a complete hotel development process that will ensure the desired results.

Latest Projects

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