South America for Wellness Travellers

Being a continent with a diverse ecosystem and a high biodiversity, South America is the personal heaven of every nature-lover and adventure-seeker. Firstly, Amazon Rainforest, the biggest rainforest in the world with a size capable of dwarfing all the other rainforests taken together, is situated at South America and it runs through most of the countries in the continent. The technology advancement has resulted in the conversion of the wild jungle of Amazon, into a safe and peaceful destination where you can do many relaxing and leisure activities!

There is an ambulance of hot springs and mineral waters from the volcanic areas of Andes in Panama to the tip of Patagonia, some of which have been developed into resorts or spas, offering several spa services like water baths, mud baths, massages and more... That's why the majority of the wellness hotels and resorts own advanced spa facilities, to satisfy all their guests' needs.

The indoor wellness activities are usually offered by the spa hotels and the resorts, so you won't find any difficulty in finding yoga sessions, massage therapies and spa treatments. On the other hand, outdoor wellness activities depend greatly on the region. Due to the mountainous region of the southern part of South America, Argentina & Chile, wellness activities like mountaineering, climbing and skiing are the most dominant. In Brazil and the Northern part of South America, due to the influence of the tropical jungle of Amazon, activities like trekking, cycling, bird viewing, canoeing etc. are the most popular!

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