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Asia was the first continent to discover the whole concept of personal well-being. Some of the most advanced spa treatments and wellness practises like YogaThai Massage and Ayurveda have their origins from Asia. It's also the mother home of many martial arts including JudoKarate and Taekwondo. Southeastern Asia and India are particularly known for their body treatment techniques & medicine, while North Asian countries are known for their spiritual growth.

There are big differences in the available wellness activities between the Southern & Northern Asian countries. In South Asia, the wellness activities focus on the body and mind treatment through meditation and relaxation. In the Northern countries like JapanChina or Korea, body and mind peace can only be achieved through martial arts and self-meditation. As for natural resources, there are countless hot springs and mineral waters dispersed through the continent. The countries of Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and India are distinguished for their outstanding natural wealth.

In addition to the vast natural resources of Asia, the spa hotels and resorts are also quite advanced. The right type of accommodation is essential if you want to achieve the ultimate relaxation, so that led to a further advancement of the hotels' and resorts' amenities. Their right implementation in the natural scenery, the wonderful spa treatments and specialized techniques, as well as the advanced room facilities make them the perfect accommodation for your wellness journey!

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