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Africa is distinguished for its vast wildlife, breathtaking natural scenery and diverse geological structure, that's why it has been the center of exploration by many nature-lovers and adventure seekers since long time ago. From the tropical rainforest of Tanzania, to the exotic beaches of Seychelles, to the extremely hot dessert of Egypt, Africa has it all! There aren't any too busy areas in the continent, except maybe some major cities and capitals like Cape Town in South Africa, Cairo in Egypt or Lagos in Nigeria.

There are several wellness activities that you can do in Africa, but the most famous is, of course, safari. Safari is a relaxing and luxurious journey to explore the huge and amazing African wildlife. It's an activity which is mainly preferable by families and small groups, while many safari tours include accommodation. Countries like Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda are where the majority of the safaris take place.

If you aren't a safari fan, then you should try exploring the amazing tropical rainforests in Middle Africa, go trekking in the huge Sahara desert, or visit the tropical Seychelles islands. Generally, Africa is a continent which can satisfy any wellness travel with its natural beauties. The majority of the wellness hotels and resorts are quite marvelous with advanced spa facilities providing outstanding spa treatments!

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