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Do you want to spend your luxurious holidays in an elegant & secluded resort town with the provision of all the top-class conveniences or in a busy city with a boutique of Chanel or Louis Vuitton being literally right next to you? Either way, there is only one answer for you, Europe. Each country of the European continent has managed to build its own culture and civilization, exhaling a different and unique tone of luxury & elegance!

Europe offers a wide range of luxurious entertainment options and activities for any type of luxury traveler. Enjoy countless hours of relaxation in front your private pool at a 5 star resort in Mykonos, Canary Islands or Santorini, or stay in a 5 star hotel with the most advanced and luxurious facilities in the Cosmopolitan cities of Paris, Athens, Lisbon, Rome & Stockholm. Take a cruise in the paradise-like Greek islands or experience the craziest ski adventure in the highest resort in Europe, Val Thorens in France.

The shopping opportunities & fashion suggestions are quite extensive because they differ from region to region. In colder countries like Russia, Germany and Poland, thick and warm clothes are more preferable, while fur is the most frequently used material for clothes! In the warmer regions, casual jeans, short pants and t-shirts were always a "thing". The fashion capitals of Europe are Milan in Italy, London in UK, Paris in France, Berlin in Germany, Florence in Italy and Madrid in Spain. Many widely famous fashion industries have their headquarters situated at these cities, that's why they offer the best shopping opportunities and many big fashion events, like Paris Fashion Week Ready to Wear or Haute Couture Fashion Week, take place on them.

Last but not least, you should definitely not avoid tasting the gourmet European or Western cuisine. Even though each country has developed its own culinary tradition, European cuisine has some unique characteristics that make it differ from the other cuisines, like the higher use of meat. All the luxurious hotels, resorts & villas have their private gourmet restaurants offering high-class local cuisine, but that doesn't mean that it's difficult to find a gourmet restaurant in any major European city. The countries of Europe which take a liking to the gourmet cuisine are France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

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