Africa for Luxury Travellers

Africa used to be the last continent one would think to spend his luxurious holidays, but that isn't entirely true anymore. Of course, there is still a high percentage of poverty and hunger, but some African regions & areas have advanced greatly the latest years. In addition to the advanced infrastructure, Africa also has to offer a marvelous natural environment ranging from the exotic beaches of Seychelles to the picturesque alleys of Cairo in Egypt.

There are countless luxurious activities offered in Africa, but the most prevalent type of entertainment is surely safari. Africa is widely known for its amazing & vast wildlife, attracting many adventure-seekers & nature lovers. While Safari wasn't used to be considered a luxurious activity, nowadays it's a major one. Other luxurious activities that you can do in Africa include: Sightseeing of the outstanding pyramids in Egypt, seeing the magical Victoria Falls in Zambia or exploring the exotic islands of Seychelles

You will find the biggest diversity of shopping opportunities in the major cities or capitals of every country, but still you shouldn't expect very much. Fashion events are very rare but if you are lucky, you could find one or two. Countries like South Africa, Egypt and Namibia offer the best shopping opportunities! Luxury accommodation in Africa ranges from luxurious lodges in the nature, away from the urban areas, to 5 star hotels in the heart of big cities like Cape Town in South Africa, to 5 star seaside resorts in Seychelles.



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