North America for Gay Travellers

The continent of North America, which is consisted of Caribbean, Central & North America, is characterized for its high level of lgbt acceptance. The most open-minded and gay friendly countries are situated at the Northern part of the continent, the majority of which have even legalized gay marriage and baby adoption. On the other hand, the Central American & Caribbean countries are still "conservative", and while the most of them accept homosexuality, they don't grant many rights or enforce laws against anti-homosexuality.

If you want to spend your gay & lesbian holidays in a cosmopolitan destination with a wild gay nightlife where you will meet many new interesting people then you should definitely visit New York in USA, Toronto in Canada, Mexico City in Mexico or Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic. Due to the organised gay nightlife, these cities attract many gay people, making them hot destinations where many gay events and Prides take place.

If you don't care much about the gay nightlife and you want to visit a gay friendly destination which isn't packed with much crowd then you should visit the islands of Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy, Guadeloupe or Caribbean Netherlands. Generally, North America is a very open-minded and gay friendly continent which offers excellent opportunities for relaxation and partying that any gay & lesbian traveller would enjoy!

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