Europe for Gay Travellers

Gay & Lesbian travel in Europe is becoming more and more popular, and not by accident: most of the countries that form the continent are very open minded, while the others try hard to improve their acceptance and laws and become really attractive to foreign visitors as well their local inhabitants.

France, Spain, UK are among the countries in which Gay marriage is legal - a fact that automatically makes them very popular and attractive to travelers from all over the world. Gay nightlife, events, shows and exhibitions happening in different countries and destinations, also invite visitors to Europe.

The rich history and culture of the European countries are quite popular to the Gay & Lesbian audience. Fascinating archaeological sites, beautiful museums, impressive monuments and photogenic landmarks are scattered in almost every corner of the continent.

Europe is a preferred destination for Summer holidays, particularly in the Southern countries. Places like Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Italy feature fabulous beach resorts and hotels, endless sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a bright, hot sun. Make sure to look for a Gay beach - it is quite sure that you will find one, in almost every destination!

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