Asia for Gay Travellers

Asia still remains a conservative continent, as it matters homosexuality. The LGBT acceptance is at moderate levels and in the majoirty of the countries gay partnerships have been allowed. The countries which belong to the southern part of Asia are the most closed minded, with the majority of them punishing homosexuality with imprisonment. Northern & Southern North are quite gay friendly, granting the LGBT community some basic rights, but the countries of Vietnam and Israel are, by far, the most gay friendly ones. That's because there aren't any records of Vietnam having anti-gay laws, while Israel is providing  the LGBT community many rights, including recognition of gay marriage and adoption.

Organised gay nightlife can only be found in big cities like Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Jakarta, Mumbai and Hong Kong. It's naturally easier to meet gay people in these cities and they are mostly preferred by the single gay audience. On the other hand, if you want to spend your gay holidays more peacefully, most probably with your partner, you should definitely visit alternative and exotic destinations like Bali, Lombok, Shan State, Galle, Koh Samui and Phuket.

Concluding, Asia is an extraordinary continent with plenty natural beauties & an impressive culture that anyone should see. Also, the people are very friendly and polite so they won't make you feel uncomfortable whether you are gay, straight, transsexual or queer. What you should pay attention at, and anyone who wants to visit Asia, is that Asians might be very friendly but they also get offended very easily, so keeping a low profile without exaggerating behaviors is definitely a Must!

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