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South American cuisine is big and diverse, so we can only describe it by separating it into 4 regions - NorthwesternNorth CentralSouthern and Brazil. Amazon rainforest, which produces a big diversity of fresh fish and tropical fruits, is one of the heaviest influences on the South American culinary tradition. 

The local cuisine of the Northwestern part of South America, which includes mainly the countries of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, is characterized by its exotic nature. Potato and Quinoa were first produced in this region, and play until today important role in many of the local recipes. The country of Peru boasts to produce more than 100 types of potatoes, while its cuisine is considered to be one of the spiciest.

The North Central part of South America includes the countries of Colombia and Venezuela, and the heavy influence of the Spanish on the local gastronomy is easily distinguishable. Due to the settlement of the Spanish in the past, ingredients like cumin, oregano, cinnamon, and anise, which were imported right from Spain, became rapidly popular. Especially beloved ingredients by the locals are also fresh orange and lime juices, olive oil and wine.

The local gastronomy of the Southern part of South America, which includes the countries of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, makes heavy use of cattle meat. Salsa criolla and Chimichurri are the two most common seasonings for meat. Chile is the personal heaven of every fish lover! The Brazilian cuisine is quite diverse, having great influences by the Spanish & African cuisine as well as the local indigenous tribes of the Brazilian rainforests.

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