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From North to South and from East to West, food in Europe is diverse and distinctive. Your culinary experience in Europe can include a gourmet dinner at a fancy restaurant or a traditional meal in a small village, cooked by an old lady who is still using the recipes of her ancestors.

If your destination is a Mediterranean country such as Greece, Italy or Cyprus, get ready to taste delicious dishes made with the most pure ingredients and products. Mediterranean diet is generally considered as one of the best in the world - fish, fresh vegetables, fruit and, of course, olive oil are the main characteristics, found in almost any dish.

French cuisine is probably the most popular cuisine in the world, and can be enjoyed almost in any part of the world. However, nothing can be compared with a fine dinner at a high-end French restaurant, cooked by some of the world’s best chefs.

Central and Northern European countries also have some very interesting cuisines to present, mainly focused on meat, dairy and other local products. In the countries of Scandinavia you will once again taste lots of fish (with Salmon being, probably, the most famous one).

In Europe, almost every hotel has even a small restaurant, serving either just breakfast or also lunch and dinner. Make sure you choose a hotel that gives great emphasis on good food, especially if the local character of each area is represented in the dishes served!

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