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The huge continent of Asia is the home of several different cultures, most of which featuring their own cooking tradition. The most common ingredients in Asia are ricegingersoydried onions and tofu while stir fryingdeep frying and steaming are common cooking methods. Curry is a very popular dish in the South & Southeastern Asia and it's usually served with yogurt, in the Eastern & Southeastern countries, it's much more rare and it is usually served with coconut milk.
The Eastern part of Asia, which happens to be the most populated region in the world, involves many different cultures and culinary traditions. The majority of the Eastern Asian Cuisine dishes include ricenoodlesmung beanssoy beansseafoodbok choytea, and mutton (mainly in Mongolia). Some popular dishes that you should definitely try are: Ramen, Sushi & Peking Duck. Southeastern cuisine emphasizes on lightly prepared dishes with a strong aromatic component such as mintcilantro or basil. The ingredients galangaltamarind and lemon grass are very frequently used, while fish sauces are used as a substitute for soy sauce.
The food recipes in South Asia are flavored with strong herbs and spices along with the flavoured butter ghee. Ginger is very popular and it is used for sweet or savory dishes while turmeric and cumin are frequently used to make curries. Pork is considered a taboo, due to the influence of Islam, as well as beef in the Western countries. 

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