A Funky Hotel Photo shoot makes a new statement to the Global Tourism Industry


A top Hotel Photographer, 10 everyday people and an inspired hotel concept, are the ingredients for this groundbreaking photo shoot that introduces a new trend to the global hospitality market.

It is a well-known fact, that the new trend in the global hospitality market is about hotels with their own, individual Concept, that makes them stand out from their competition. Wanting to keep in line with this trend, the luxury Diles & Rinies Villa complex in Tinos island, Greece, started by developing a unique and unforgettable setting for its guests. But in order to showcase its full essence and philosophy, Diles & Rinies chose Destsetters for the development of its new Hotel Concept.

Taking into consideration the property's facilities and operation, as well as the available services and selling potentials, Destsetters specified a series of themed photos, that would thoroughly picture the whole experience. For such a challenging project, Destsetters could not but choose Christos Drazos, a photographer who would easily reach the desired result in the most absolute way. Also, for this special photo shoot, Destsetters used the team of Travel by Interest and Hotelier Academy, aiming to showcase how real people can express the original experience in a social hotel like this!

Diles & Rinies’ new Concept evolves around the Greek experience of “Life in the Aegean Gardens”. To showcase the idea, the team of Destsetters and Christos Drazos, created a set of images that not only present the property, but also narrate the stories and experiences that the hotel’s guests are expected to live there. The photos were then grouped according to their designated use, creating a true case study of original visual content for Tourism and Lifestyle media, as well as the popular Social Media:

  • Signature Shots: Conceptual and landmark photos that reflect the experience within the property.

  • Storytelling Shots: Photos that describe a specific experience, ideal for content creation around them.

  • Moments: A selection of captured moments during the photo shoot, ideal for social media.

  • Food Experience: Photos of one of Diles & Rinies' top experiences.

  • Landscape & Architecture: Photos that describe the hotel’s unique place identity.

  • Faces: The strongest characters of the photo shoot that create memorable images.

  • Creatives: Ideal photos for graphic material, like banners and posters.

  • Backstage: The fun team in action. Ideal material for media!



Backstage Photos by Dimitris Chachlas


Besides the highly professional and unique shots, the secret behind the success of the project, lies to the people that were captured in the photos, who were not professional models, but next-door, everyday people. More specifically, the stars of the entire photo shoot are the actual members of the Destsetters team and its innovative hotel startups (Travel by Interest & Hotelier Academy).

Among the many notable photos, some that have managed to stand out, are:

  • The alternative wedding scene

  • The mysterious girl with the huge hat

  • The Desperate Chef and

  • The Summer pool-party

The project “Life in the Aegean Gardens” was completed as a case study for the new Destsetters service of Strategic Hotel Concept Making, that creates unique and original Hotel Concepts across the world.